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A natural farm in Đắk Nông where you can relax, open and flow with nature!

Hông Farm Story

Our Story

Our journey began with a quiet revelation: that life's true richness lies not in endless striving, but in a profound returning. Returning to the earth, to the rhythm of nature, and most importantly, to ourselves.Hông, the sturdy tree that graces our land, embodies strength and resilience. But "Hông" also whispers a gentle "No" in Vietnamese. “Hông Farm” reflects our thinking: saying no to the unnecessary, to make space for what truly matters.Hông Farm isn't just about sustainable living, it's about rediscovering the symphony within. It's the space to breathe deeply, feel relaxed, open your senses, and flow with the gentle nature, to reconnect with the essence of being present. :))

Our Products

At Hông Farm there are lots of outdoors activities such as
sand playing, hiking, biking, swimming, sand playing, bird photographing...
In the nature, you'll never get bored ! It's gonna be lots of fun! Come join us anytime:))

Our Products

Our Products

Hông Farm's signature products are roasted wild coffee and green pepper. Wild means we leave the tree grow itself naturally, stay away from all artificial actions. :))

Animals at Hông Farm

At Hông Farm, we love animals! You will see a wide range of animals from house-hold dogs, cats to wild animals like squirrel, birds enjoys their freedom! :))

Hông Farm located at Hamlet 10, Trường Xuân Commune, Đắk Song District, Đắk Nông Province, Việt Nam

Access to the farm

  • Via Car/Motorbike: you can take the National Road No. 14, go directly to the farm

  • Via Bus from Ho Chi Minh City: you can go with Futa Bus to Buon Ma Thuot City, stop at Nhà Máy Đá Lan Anh, xã Trường Xuân, Đắk Song

  • Via Air: you can fly to Buon Ma Thuot City and take a bus to Gia Nghia City, stop at Nhà Máy Đá Lan Anh, xã Trường Xuân, Đắk Song

There're many sights around the area that you can visit in a day-trip :))

Lưu Ly Waterfall (25km)

Luu Ly Waterfall

Trúc Lâm Đạo Nguyên Pagoda (30km)

Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Pagoda

Đắk Song Wind Farm (40km)

Dak Song Wind Farm

Nam Nung Nature Reserve

Nam Nung Nature Reserve

Tà Đùng Lake (70km)

Ta Dung Lake

Nam Kar Volcano

Nam Kar Volcano

Photos of Hông Farm

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